April 23, 2017


Small Group ministries
Children’s ministries
Compassion ministries

Small Group ministries

Some of the currently ongoing small group ministries of our church include:

Spiritual Companionship Groups – groups of 3 or 4 people who meet once a month to prayerfully reflect on short scripture passages, examine the activity of the Holy Spirit in our lives over the past month, and discuss a spiritually nourishing book that we are reading together.

Church to Community Groups – a group that meets once or twice a month to pray for and serve the community, with a focus on engagement and compassion/missional ministries.

Spiritual Disciplines Groups – a group focused on the cultivation of spiritual disciplines in our lives.

Other groups include bible studies and prayer groups.

Children’s ministries

There is an Adventure Time program during the second half of the Sunday morning service for kindergarten to grade 6. Children stay in the service for the first part, which includes most of the singing and ends with a children’s song with the kids at the front. There is no pressure to join in for that if your kids are shy and don’t want to go to the front. After the children’s song, they head to Adventure Time.

There is also an unstaffed nursery adjoining the sanctuary with a double-paned glass window looking in. There are usually a couple of parents in there with young toddlers during the second portion of the service.

Teens are encouraged to stay in the service for the sermon.

Other Children’s ministries:

Once a month we usually have a “stay late day”, in which anyone is welcome to bring a lunch and stay late after the service. This was started by some of the young families to let their kids play together for longer. The adults enjoy it too.

During the summer we often host a week-long bible day camp for kids.

Compassion ministries

Here are some of the groups we partner with to reach out to the local community and further abroad:

  • The community of Rio Azul through Food for the Hungry;
  • The Mustard Seed Street Church in Victoria;
  • Canadian Baptist Ministries/The Sharing Way.